In Russia resumed racing without spectators in the stands

In Moscow and Pyatigorsk hippodrome have been racing with online broadcasting. It is noted that the competitors held personal protective measures against coronavirus.

 Since the second half of May to the beginning of the gradual removal of restrictions on the self-isolation of the first races were held at the Moscow Hippodrome. Racing season takes place in an online format, and it was attended by dozens of participants from across the country, which is relatively lower than in dokarantinny period. Total claimed to hold the five races in which the main winner is determined. The sum of the total prize pool amounted to more than 500 thous. Rubles.

 By the way, in New Zealand for the horseracing industry planned reforms.

 It is noted that the jockeys act antiviral masks and fans in the stands no. It is known that only today Extrabudgetary financial assistance to breeders is the tote that works well due to the activity of the fans of this sport. This time, the organizers have introduced capital races online betting.

 Horse racing, the predominant part of which – the group were held in Pyatigorsk racetrack also without spectators. The event, which included 12 races broadcast on YouTube-channel. It is known that the distance of 1400 meters the second group for the English thoroughbred mares was the most expensive.

 Recall New Zealand racing regulator forced to reduce staff because of the losses incurred.

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