Alabama Code Title 13A. Criminal Code § 13A-12-214.2

Alabama Code Title 13A. Criminal Code § 13A-12-214.2

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(a) This part will probably be understood and might be cited as “Carly’s legislation.”

(b) As utilized in this area, listed here terms shall have the after meanings:

(1) Authorized by the UAB Department . Authorized by the UAB Department means Cannabidiol (CBD) happens to be recommended by a healthcare practitioner utilized by or with respect to the UAB Department.

(2) Cannabidiol (CBD) . 13956-29-1. A (nonpsychoactive) cannabinoid found within the plant Cannabis sativa L. or other planning thereof that is really clear of plant product, and contains a level that is thc of a lot more than 3 %. Also known as (synonyms): 2-(1R,6R)-3-Methyl-6-(1-methylethenyl)-2-cyclohexen-1-yl-5-pentyl-1,3-benzenediol; trans-(-)-2-p-mentha-1,8-dien-3-yl-5-pentylresorcinol; (-)-Cannabidiol; (-)-trans-Cannabidiol; Cannabidiol (7CI); D1(2)-tran-Cannabidiol.

(3) Debilitating epileptic condition . Epilepsy or any other neurological condition, or the treating epilepsy or other neurological condition that, as identified with a board-certified neurologist underneath the employment or authority associated with the UAB Department, creates serious, debilitating, or lethal seizures.

(4) UAB department . The Department of Neurology during the University of Alabama at Birmingham, its successors, or any subdivisions.

(c) In a prosecution for the illegal control of cannabis beneath the legislation for this state, it really is an affirmative and defense that is complete the prosecution that the defendant has a debilitating epileptic condition and utilized or possessed cannabidiol (CBD) pursuant to a prescription authorized because of the UAB Department. Continue reading “Alabama Code Title 13A. Criminal Code § 13A-12-214.2”